Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrum of the 1?g Oxygen Molecule

  title={Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrum of the 1?g Oxygen Molecule},
  author={Arnold M. Falick and Bruce H. Mahan and Rollie J. Myers},
Molecular Terms of Dioxygen and Nitric Oxide
Molecular terms of dioxygen and nitic oxide are presented. Electron spin resonance spectra of diatomic molecules corresponding to these terms are discussed. Gas-phase ESR can be a convenient method
Role of various nanoparticles in photodynamic therapy and detection methods of singlet oxygen.
In this review article, the applications of various nanoparticles that can be used for photodynamic therapy (PDT), such as: plasmonic nanoparticles, quantum dots and upconversion nanoparticles are described, which exhibit higher photostability and resistance to enzymatic degradation, and hence could replace organic photosensitizers in PDT therapy.
Singlet Oxygen in the Lower Atmosphere: Origin, Measurement and Participation in Processes and Phenomena at the Boundary Between Biogenic and Abiogenic Nature
The present paper contains a review of literature data on sources of singlet oxygen in lower atmosphere and methods of its registration. Singlet oxygen gas analyzer developed in OPTEC JSC (St
A Chemical Mechanism for Self-ignition in a Peat Stack
Two lowest excited energy states of the ground state molecule, and , exist in troposphere. They are called as singlet oxygen molecules. The mechanism leading to their formation in the peat stack is
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Time-resolved EPR study of singlet oxygen in the gas phase.
Time-resolved (TR) EPR experiments of C8H10 were the main focus of this Article, and showed evidence that the spin-rotational states of O2((1)Δg) are populated according to Boltzmann distribution in the studied time range of 10-100 ms.
Combustion modification by non-thermal plasma
All varieties of plasma-chemical systems are traditionally divided into two major categories: thermal and non-thermal ones. Thermal plasma (usually arcs) is associated with Joule heating, thermal
Direct measurements of absolute concentration and lifetime of singlet oxygen in the gas phase by electron paramagnetic resonance
Abstract Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy was employed to determine the lifetime and absolute concentration of singlet oxygen, O 2 ( 1 Δ g ), in the gas phase. O 2 ( 1 Δ g )


Paramagnetic resonance absorption in molecular oxygen
Tinkham & Strandberg (1955a, b) have made a theoretical analysis of the paramagnetic resonance spectrum of molecular oxygen gas (16O16O), and obtained satisfactory agreement with their experimental