Parallel synthesis of "click" chalcones as antitubulin agents.

  title={Parallel synthesis of "click" chalcones as antitubulin agents.},
  author={M. Utsintong and A. Massarotti and A. Caldarelli and Sewan Theeramunkong},
  journal={Medicinal chemistry (Shariqah (United Arab Emirates))},
  volume={9 4},
It has been shown that some chalcones are able to inhibit tubulin polymerization, giving cytotoxicity and destruction of tumoral vasculature. A library of 180 novel chalcone analogs has been synthesized via click chemistry and screened for their cytotoxicity and tubulin assembly inhibition. 10 out 180 click chalcones displayed low micromolar cytotoxicity but only compound Nf depicted antitubulin activity. While Nf displayed only micromolar potency this result shows click-chalcones may be anti… Expand