Parallel signaling pathways of melatonin in the pancreatic beta-cell.

  title={Parallel signaling pathways of melatonin in the pancreatic beta-cell.},
  author={Elmar Peschke and Andreas Gunter Bach and Eckhard M{\"u}hlbauer},
  journal={Journal of pineal research},
  volume={40 2},
Previous results demonstrated that melatonin inhibits cAMP production and stimulates IP(3) liberation in rat insulinoma INS1 cells, a model for the pancreatic beta-cell. This study addresses the impact of melatonin on insulin release. Insulin, cAMP and IP(3) levels of INS1 cells in a superfusion system were measured. Initially, forskolin was used to stimulate cAMP and subsequently insulin release. Incubation of forskolin (5 micromol/L)-stimulated cells with melatonin (100 nmol/L) inhibited cAMP… CONTINUE READING


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