Parallel operation of shunt active power filters for damping of harmonic propagation in electric shipboard power systems

  title={Parallel operation of shunt active power filters for damping of harmonic propagation in electric shipboard power systems},
  author={Ting Qian and Brad Lehman and Aniruddha Bhattacharya and Helen Ginn and M. Molen},
  journal={IEEE Electric Ship Technologies Symposium, 2005.},
  • Ting Qian, Brad Lehman, +2 authors M. Molen
  • Published in
    IEEE Electric Ship…
  • Engineering
  • For modern navy electric ship, the application of multiple shunt active power filters (SAPF) has become an attractive choice to mitigate the current distortion of the nonlinear loads. Multiple SAPF has the advantage of high power capacity and high reliability. Based on the introduction of SAPF, this paper analyzes the importance of paralleling SAPF in electric ship systems. A new paralleling approach is proposed and compared with several known paralleling/cascading methods. The proposed method… CONTINUE READING

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