Parallel microfluidic chemosensitivity testing on individual slice cultures.

  title={Parallel microfluidic chemosensitivity testing on individual slice cultures.},
  author={Tim C. Chang and Andrei M. Mikheev and Wilson Huynh and Raymond J. Monnat and Robert C. Rostomily and Albert Folch},
  journal={Lab on a chip},
  volume={14 23},
There is a critical unmet need to tailor chemotherapies to individual patients. Personalized approaches could lower treatment toxicity, improve the patient's quality of life, and ultimately reduce mortality. However, existing models of drug activity (based on tumor cells in culture or animal models) cannot accurately predict how drugs act in patients in time to inform the best possible treatment. Here we demonstrate a microfluidic device that integrates live slice cultures with an intuitive… CONTINUE READING
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