Parallel interpretation of logic programs

  title={Parallel interpretation of logic programs},
  author={J. Conery and D. Kibler},
  booktitle={FPCA '81},
Logic programs offer many opportunities for parallelism. We present an abstract model that exploits the parallelism due to nondeterministic choices in a logic program. A working interpreter based on this model is described, along with variants of the basic model that are capable of exploiting other sources of parallelism. We conclude with a discussion of our plans for experimenting with the various models, plans which we hope will lead eventually to a multi-processor machine. 
AND Parallelism in Logic Programs
An interpreter for logic programs is defined which executes some goals in parallel, and allows both forms of parallelism for the same computation. Expand
A parallel execution model of logic programs
This paper proposes an abstract model for OR-parallel interpretation which is an alternative to the backtracking mechanism of a serial interpreter, and consists of tokens and five kinds of function units mutually connected as a process graph. Expand
Parallelism in Logic Programming
  • K. Ueda
  • Computer Science
  • IFIP Congress
  • 1989
Two alternatives for a parallel logic programming system are compared and one allows programmers to describe processes and communication using concurrent logic languages, and the other attempts to exploit the parallelism of ordinary logic programs. Expand
AND parallelism and nondeterminism in logic programs
An abstract interpreter for logic programs based on a system of asynchronous, independent processors which communicate only by passing messages is defined, which permits two distinct forms of parallelism. Expand
An And-Parallel Execution Model of Logic Programs
This paper gives an extended model for OR parallel execution of logic programs, where the rules and facts of the logic programs are represented as graphs, and tries to detect and exploit independencies among subgoals during the execution of a rule (dynamic AND parallelism). Expand
A Reduction Model For Parallel Interpretation Of Logic Programs
  • Wang Lun
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • Other Conferences
  • 1987
A reduction model for parallel interpretation of applicative languages such as Prolog, LISP, and a new classification of proposed models for parallel execution of logic programs is given. Expand
Data-flow based execution mechanisms of Parallel and Concurrent Prolog
Study attempts to show that our machine architecture based on the data flow model is suitable for two types of logic programming languages with different aims: one is Parallel Prolog and the other isExpand
An execution model for exploiting AND-parallelism in logic programs
This paper presents a parallel execution model for exploiting AND-parallelism in Horn Clause logic programs that can be implemented efficiently with small run-time overhead and performs backtracking more intelligently than other related models. Expand
A Technique for Compiling Execution Graph Expressions for Restricted And-Parallelism in Logic Programs
  • D. DeGroot
  • Computer Science
  • J. Parallel Distributed Comput.
  • 1988
An efficient model of and-parallel execution of logic programs has been described; this model is called the Restricted And-Parallelism model, and an algorithm has been presented which automatically produces single execution graph expressions for the clauses in a Prolog program. Expand


Prolog - the language and its implementation compared with Lisp
It is argued that pattern matching is a better method for expressing operations on structured data than conventional selectors and constructors - both for the user and for the implementor. Expand
Prolog - the language and its implementation compared with Lisp
Prolog is a simple but powerful programming language founded on symbolic logic. The basic computational mechanism is a pattern matching process (unification) operating on general record structures ...
Logic for problem solving
This book investigates the application of logic to problem-solving and computer programming. It assumes no previous knowledge of these fields, and may be Karl duncker in addition to make difficultExpand
Efficient Processing of Interactive Relational Data Base Queries expressed in Logic
The paper describes a simple but effective strategy for planning a query so that it can be efficiently executed by the elementary deductive mechanism provided in the programming language Prolog. Expand
Predicate Logic as Programming Language
User's Guide to DECsystem-10 Prolog
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An Interpreter of Logic Programs Using Selective Backtracking
  • Departamento de Informatica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, July,
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Les Grammaire de Metamorplhose
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Predicate Logic as a Language for Parallel Programming
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