Parallel in situ indexing for data-intensive computing

  title={Parallel in situ indexing for data-intensive computing},
  author={Jinoh Kim and Hasan Abbasi and Luis Chac{\'o}n and Ciprian Docan and Scott Klasky and Q. X. Liu and Norbert Podhorszki and Arie Shoshani and Kesheng Wu},
  journal={2011 IEEE Symposium on Large Data Analysis and Visualization},
As computing power increases exponentially, vast amount of data is created by many scientific research activities. However, the bandwidth for storing the data to disks and reading the data from disks has been improving at a much slower pace. These two trends produce an ever-widening data access gap. Our work brings together two distinct technologies to address this data access issue: indexing and in situ processing. From decades of database research literature, we know that indexing is an… CONTINUE READING
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