Parallel evolution of genes and languages in the Caucasus region.

  title={Parallel evolution of genes and languages in the Caucasus region.},
  author={O. Balanovsky and Khadizhat Dibirova and A. Dybo and Oleg Mudrak and S. Frolova and E. Pocheshkhova and M. Haber and Daniel Platt and T. Schurr and W. Haak and Marina I. Kuznetsova and M. Radzhabov and O. Balaganskaya and Alexey Romanov and T. Zakharova and David F. Soria Hernanz and P. Zalloua and S. Koshel and M. Ruhlen and C. Renfrew and R. S. Wells and C. Tyler-Smith and E. Balanovska},
  journal={Molecular biology and evolution},
  volume={28 10},
  • O. Balanovsky, Khadizhat Dibirova, +20 authors E. Balanovska
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Molecular biology and evolution
  • Key MethodWe analyzed 40 single nucleotide polymorphism and 19 short tandem repeat Y-chromosomal markers in a large sample of 1,525 indigenous individuals from 14 populations in the Caucasus and 254 additional individuals representing potential source populations. We also employed a lexicostatistical approach to reconstruct the history of the languages of the North Caucasian family spoken by the Caucasus populations. We found a different major haplogroup to be prevalent in each of four sets of…Expand Abstract
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