Parallel Stitching of 2D Materials.

  title={Parallel Stitching of 2D Materials.},
  author={Xi Ling and Yuxuan Lin and Qiong Ma and Ziqiang Wang and Yi Song and Lili Yu and Shengxi Huang and Wenjing Fang and Xu Zhang and Allen Hsu and Yaqing Bie and Yi-Hsien Lee and Yimei Zhu and Lijun Wu and Ju Li and Pablo Jarillo-Herrero and Mildred S. Dresselhaus and Tom{\'a}s Palacios and Jing Kong},
  journal={Advanced materials},
  volume={28 12},
Diverse parallel stitched 2D heterostructures, including metal-semiconductor, semiconductor-semiconductor, and insulator-semiconductor, are synthesized directly through selective "sowing" of aromatic molecules as the seeds in the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. The methodology enables the large-scale fabrication of lateral heterostructures, which offers tremendous potential for its application in integrated circuits. 
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