Parallel Metaheuristic Search

  title={Parallel Metaheuristic Search},
  author={Teodor Gabriel Crainic},
  booktitle={Handbook of Heuristics},
  • T. Crainic
  • Published in Handbook of Heuristics 2018
  • Computer Science
We present a general picture of the parallel meta-heuristic search for optimization. We recall the main concepts and strategies in designing parallel metaheuristics, pointing to a number of contributions that instantiated them for neighborhoodand populationbased meta-heuristics, and identify trends and promising research directions. We focus on cooperation-based strategies, which display remarkable performances, in particular on asynchronous cooperation and advanced cooperation strategies that… 



Strategies for the Parallel Implementation of Metaheuristics

Some trends in parallel computing are reviewed and recent results about linear speedups that can be obtained with parallel implementations using multiple independent processors are reported.

Parallel Strategies for Meta-Heuristics

A state-of-the-art survey of parallel meta-heuristic developments and results is presented, and general design and implementation principles that apply to most meta- heuristic classes are discussed and instantiate these principles for the three meta-Heuristic classes currently most extensively used.

Toward a Taxonomy of Parallel Tabu Search Heuristics

A classification of parallel tabu search metaheuristics based on the control and communication strategies used in the design of the paralleltabu search procedures, and on how the search space is partitioned is presented.

Parallel Local Search

This chapter explores and discusses ways which lead to parallelization in Local Search, which is a recognized means of solving hard combinatorial problems.

Towards an Evolutionary Method — Cooperating Multi-Thread Parallel Tabu Search Hybrid

The method appears to be the first to propose a cooperation scheme where the initial population of the genetic algorithm is an elite set of solutions obtained by the parallel metaheuristic, while the best individuals generated during the genetic search enrich the pool of solutions available to all tabu search threads.

Parallel Variable Neighborhood Search

Several parallelization strategies for VNS have been proposed and compared on the large instances of the p-median problem.

A Parallel Implementation of Ant Colony Optimization

Several parallel decomposition strategies are examined in Ant Colony Optimization applied to a specific problem, namely the travelling salesman problem, with encouraging speedup and efficiency results.

A cooperative parallel metaheuristic for the capacitated vehicle routing problem

Parallel Meta-Heuristics

A state-of-the-art survey of parallel meta-heuristic strategies, developments, and results is presented and a number of trends and promising research directions are identified.