Parallel I/O subsystems in massively parallel supercomputers

  title={Parallel I/O subsystems in massively parallel supercomputers},
  author={Dror G. Feitelson and Peter F. Corbett and Sandra Johnson Baylor and Yarsun Hsu},
  journal={IEEE Parallel & Distributed Technology: Systems & Applications},
Applications executing on massively parallel processors (MPPs) often require a high aggregate bandwidth of lowlatency I/O to secondary storage. In many current MPPs, this requirem ent has been met by supplying internal parallel I/O subsystems that serve as staging areas for data. Typically, the para ll l I/O subsystem is composed of I/O nodes that are linked to the same interconnection network that connects the compute no des. The I/O nodes each manage their own set of disks. The option of… CONTINUE READING
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