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Parallel Correlation Clustering on Big Graphs

  title={Parallel Correlation Clustering on Big Graphs},
  author={Xinghao Pan and Dimitris Papailiopoulos and S. Oymak and B. Recht and K. Ramchandran and Michael I. Jordan},
  • Xinghao Pan, Dimitris Papailiopoulos, +3 authors Michael I. Jordan
  • Published in NIPS 2015
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Given a similarity graph between items, correlation clustering (CC) groups similar items together and dissimilar ones apart. One of the most popular CC algorithms is KwikCluster: an algorithm that serially clusters neighborhoods of vertices, and obtains a 3-approximation ratio. Unfortunately, KwikCluster in practice requires a large number of clustering rounds, a potential bottleneck for large graphs. We present C4 and ClusterWild!, two algorithms for parallel correlation clustering that run… CONTINUE READING
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