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Parallel Computing for Musicians

  title={Parallel Computing for Musicians},
  author={Eduardo Reck Miranda},
This lecture introduces the fundamentals of parallel computing and discusses its benefits for musicians. It begins by introducing classic parallel architectures and parallel programming strategies. Next, it discusses the benefits of parallel computing for a specific area of computer music research: sound synthesis. The lecture then concludes with a brief discussion on the future of the musician’s desktop computer. It is suggested that new paradigms for computer music will emerge from parallel… 

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Chaosynth: Um sistema que utiliza um aut mato cellular para sintetizar part culas s nicas
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Chaosynth -computer music meets high-performance computing
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Chaosynth: Um sistema que utiliza um aut mato cellular para sintetizar part culas s nicas
  • Anais do II Simp sio Brasileiro de Computa o e M sica