Parallel AC-AC three-phase with shared-leg converters

  title={Parallel AC-AC three-phase with shared-leg converters},
  author={Edgard Luiz Lopes Fabricio and Cursino Brandx00E3o Jacobina and Nady Rocha and Rodolpho M. de B. Cavalcante and Marx00EDcio B. R. Correa},
  journal={2016 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE)},
Two parallel ac-ac three-phase to three-phase with shared-leg converters are proposed in this paper. They are composed of two parallel three-phase rectifiers, two parallel three-phase inverters, where each group of rectifier and inverter sharing one or two legs, and one or two dc-links. Suitable modelling and control strategy of the system are developed… CONTINUE READING