Parallax Theory in Islamic Astronomy

  title={Parallax Theory in Islamic Astronomy},
  author={E. S. Kennedy},
  pages={33 - 53}
THIS paper is, as the title indicates, a survey of the available material on parallax theory as applied by astronomers of the Near and Middle East and Spain from the eighth through the fifteenth centuries. To the knowledge of the author, the topic has not been treated in the literature for the last fortyodd years and before that only incidentally. Nevertheless it was a subject of moment to the medieval astronomer, who had to take account of solar and lunar parallax in the computation of solar… Expand
A Survey of the Toledan Tables
The aim of this paper is to give a description of the collection of mediaeval astronomical tables known as the 'Tabule Toletane' which shall suffice for their identification and also reveal theirExpand
Ibn al-Kammād’s Muqtabis zij and the astronomical tradition of Indian origin in the Iberian Peninsula
In this paper, we analyze the astronomical tables in al-Zīj al-Muqtabis by Ibn al-Kammād (early twelfth century, Córdoba), based on the Latin and Hebrew versions of the lost Arabic original, each ofExpand
Annular Eclipses and Considerations About Solar and Lunar Angular Diameters in Medieval Astronomy
This study deals with considerations on the angular diameters of the Sun and Moon in ancient and medieval astronomy and focuses on their role in predicting the existence of annular eclipses.Expand
Medieval Eclipse Prediction : A Parallel Bias in Indian and Chinese Astronomy
Since lunar and solar parallax play a crucial role in predicting solar eclipses, the focus of this paper is on the computation of parallax. A brief history of parallax computation in India and ChinaExpand
Ibn al-Raqqām’s al-Zij al-Mustawfi in MS Rabat National Library 2461
The paper contains a brief introduction on the figure of the astronomer and polymath Abū 'Abd Allāh Muḥammad Ibn al-Raqqām (fl. Tunis, Bijāya and Granada and died in Granada on 25th May 1315), and onExpand
A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969
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An Islamic Computer for Planetary Latitudes
diameter of the plate but not attached to it. Both alidade and ruler are graduated in sistieths of the plate radius, the sixtieths being further subdivided sexagesimally to the extent possible.Expand
A Medieval Iterative Algorism
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