Paraformaldehyde fixation induces a systematic activation of platelets.

  title={Paraformaldehyde fixation induces a systematic activation of platelets.},
  author={Volker Schmidt and Thomas Hilberg and Gabriele Franke and Doreen Gl{\"a}ser and Holger Horst Werner Gabriel},
  volume={14 5},
In whole blood flow cytometric platelet assays sample fixation using paraformaldehyde (PFA) is considered very advantageous to prevent spontaneous activation of platelets in vitro. However, fixation is an important variable in activation assays and its influence on platelets is poorly understood. Using a direct immunofluorescence labelling technique and whole blood flow cytometry, the effect of PFA fixation was investigated for 4 different epitopes on platelet surface each of which mirrors a… CONTINUE READING


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