Paradigmatic Uniformity and Markedness

  title={Paradigmatic Uniformity and Markedness},
  author={Andrew Garrett},

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Chapter 1 Language change for the worse

Human languages are in a constant state of change. While this observation itself is uncontroversial, the same is not true for many of the questions raised by it. This includes, for example, the

The development of the Imperfect in Ancient Greek from simple past to imperfective as a blocking phenomenon

This article seeks to combine the viewpoints of formal semantics and pragmatics, typology, historical linguistics, and philology, in order to give a diachronic overview of the semantic and

r-Epenthesis and the bigrade alternation

For Japanese verbal suffixes sensitive to the C/V polarity of the stem-final segment, C-stem alternants are underlying, and regular V-stem alternants result from intervocalic epenthesis of r at stem

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Inflectional Suppletion and Heteroclite Inflection from a Diachronic Perspective

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