Paracrine interactions of BDNF involving NGF-dependent embryonic sensory neurons.

  title={Paracrine interactions of BDNF involving NGF-dependent embryonic sensory neurons.},
  author={M W Robinson and Anna Buj-Bello and Alun M Davies},
  journal={Molecular and cellular neurosciences},
  volume={7 2},
The expression of BDNF mRNA by a proportion of embryonic dorsal root ganglion neurons has led to the proposal that BDNF acts by an autocrine loop on these neurons. To clarify the role of BDNF expression in developing sensory neurons, we measured the level of BDNF mRNA in purified populations of cranial sensory neurons that depend on either NGF or BDNF for survival. When neuronal death is taking place, the highest levels of BDNF mRNA were detected in NGF-dependent cutaneous sensory neurons. BDNF… CONTINUE READING

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