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Parabolic semi-orthogonal decompositions and Kummer flat invariants of log schemes

  title={Parabolic semi-orthogonal decompositions and Kummer flat invariants of log schemes},
  author={Sarah Scherotzke and Nicol{\`o} Sibilla and Mattia Talpo},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
We construct semi-orthogonal decompositions on triangulated categories of parabolic sheaves on certain kinds of logarithmic schemes. This provides a categorification of the decomposition theorems in Kummer flat K-theory due to Hagihara and Nizio{\l}. Our techniques allow us to generalize Hagihara and Nizio{\l}'s results to a much larger class of invariants in addition to K-theory, and also to extend them to more general logarithmic stacks. 
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