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Papuan Perspectives on Family Planning, Fertility and Birth Control

  title={Papuan Perspectives on Family Planning, Fertility and Birth Control},
  author={Jenny Munro},
Papuan perspectives on family planning have historically emphasised political concerns that reflect the tensions between the Indonesian state and indigenous rights – Papuans have questioned both the need for them to limit their population size and the propriety of the state to intervene in their reproductive matters. Family planning in Indonesia is said to have stagnated, and rates of contraceptive use in Tanah Papua are considerably lower than the Indonesian average. A revived family planning… 
(Not) getting political: indigenous women and preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in West Papua
Looking at West Papuan women’s experiences of prevention of mother-to-child transmission services demonstrates that women experience poor-quality HIV education and counselling, and that indigenous practices and concerns are largely not addressed by HIV services.
Hard work: youth employment programming in Honiara, Solomon Islands
employment issues and constraints in Honiara; ii) examine international evidence and experience relating to job creation programs and their capacity to address youth unemployment; iii) provide a
The Formal, the Informal, and the Precarious: Making a Living in Urban Papua New Guinea
Overview: For many Papua New Guineans, the dominant accounts of ‘the economy’ – contained within development reports, government documents and the media – do not adequately reflect their experiences
Timor-Leste and the empowerment of women: access to justice and the future for domestic, family and sexual violence survivors
dpa.bellschool.anu.edu.au In addition to an overview of the background and history, this article will consider Timor-Leste’s progress through public laws, its judicial independence and the role of
Effective Support for Women's Leadership in the Pacific:Lessons from the Evidence
Exercising effective leadership with legitimacy and influence is a complex endeavour, particularly so for women operating in male-dominated domains, and potentially even more so for women in the
Influences and echoes of Indonesia in Timor-Leste
This paper presents four case studies that highlight how Indonesia and Timor-Leste remain intricately entwined at the social, political, cultural and personal levels. Abstract Since 1999, when a
Kin and Gifts: Understanding the KinbasedPolitics of Solomon Islands - The Case of East AreAre
State, Society & Governance in Melanesia ssgm.bellschool.anu.edu.au core or base support of any candidate would be his/ her kin group and such support could be maintained over successive elections,
Pawa Blong Meri: Women Candidates in the 2015 Bougainville Election
State, Society & Governance in Melanesia ssgm.bellschool.anu.edu.au The 2015 Bougainville election was a milestone for women’s political representation. The largestever cohort of women candidates
Chiefly leadership in Fiji: past, present, and future
Abstract: This paper provides an account of the rise and fall of chiefly leadership and the apparent ebbing of a longstanding ideology of traditionalism among indigenous Fijians in the context of
State of the Pacific - SlipperySlopes and Rough Rides in Regional Cooperative Endeavours in the Islands
institution whose establishment is closely intertwined with the ANU. A number of current parliamentarians and cabinet ministers in Papua New Guinea were in my cohort. Like many Papua New Guineans, I


Adolescent reproductive health in Indonesia: contested values and policy inaction.
The sexual and reproductive values and behaviors that are emerging among single young people in contemporary Indonesia are conditioned by a political context that allows the conflicting forces of traditional Indonesian values, Westernization, and the strong emerging force of fundamentalist Islam to compete for the allegiance of young people.
Rebel girls? Unplanned pregnancy and colonialism in highlands Papua, Indonesia
How the ‘settler gaze’ — omnipresent colonial norms and judgments — creates regulatory effects in the realm of reproduction is described.
Family planning and the burden of unintended pregnancies.
A new generation of research is needed to investigate the modest correlation between unintended pregnancy and contraceptive use rates to derive the full health benefits of a proven and cost-effective reproductive technology.
Secret sex: yuoth, agency, and changing sexual boundaries among the Dani of Papua, Indonesia
In contemporary Papua, eastern Indonesia, young men and women are increasingly exploring novel sexual practices enabled in part by rapid economic development in the province. In particular,
‘Living in HIV-land’: Mobility and Seropositivity among Highlands Papuan Men
The lure of Papua as a discrete, politically distinct space has curtailed the study of Papuan mobility, or the impacts of the mobile technologies, peoples, objects and ideas that flow in and out of
Sex in Development: Science, Sexuality, and Morality in Global Perspective
Sex in Development examines how development projects around the world intended to promote population management, disease prevention, and maternal and child health intentionally and unintentionally
Compelling Evidence: Research Methods, HIV/AIDS, and Politics in Papua, Indonesia
Increasing calls for an evidence-based public health (EBPH) rely on forms of quantitative evidence to decide HIV/AIDS interventions. A major criticism of this method is it downplays the significance
‘A diploma and a descendant!’ Premarital sexuality, education and politics among Dani university students in North Sulawesi, Indonesia
In Indonesia, the notion of ‘study first’ (kuliah dulu) pressures young adults to refrain from sex and delay marriage until they finish tertiary education. Recent scholarship has viewed choices to
Health and human security in West Papua
Health data collected by Médecins du Monde and other sources provide an insight into the poor health and lack of health care in the province, with high rates of infant mortality and morbidity, maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS.
Single women's experiences of premarital pregnancy and induced abortion in Lombok, Eastern Indonesia
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    Reproductive health matters
  • 2001