Pappus part number in annual species ofMicroseris (Compositae, Cichoriaceae)

  title={Pappus part number in annual species ofMicroseris (Compositae, Cichoriaceae)},
  author={Konrad Bachmann and Kenton L. Chambers},
  journal={Plant Systematics and Evolution},
All North American annual species of the genusMicroseris have a five-part pappus, the one South American annual,M. pygmaea, has ten pappus parts. The pappus develops over a constant number of ten provascular bundles with or without inhibition between alternate sites of pappus development. Each natural population contains a predictable proportion of achenes with aberrant pappus part numbers. Hybridization betweenM. bigelovii (5 parts) andM. pygmaea results in F 1 and F 2 plants with many… CONTINUE READING

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  • H. J. PRICE
  • Chromosoma (Berlin)
  • 1955

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