Papovaviral sialoadenitis in athymic nude rats.

  title={Papovaviral sialoadenitis in athymic nude rats.},
  author={Jerrold M Ward and A M Lock and Matthew J Collins and M. C. Arufe Gonda and Craig W. Reynolds},
  journal={Laboratory animals},
  volume={18 1},
A wasting disease was found in 32 athymic nude rats. The rats had parotid sialoadenitis with intranuclear inclusion bodies in ductal and acinar epithelial cells. Other common lesions included bronchitis, bronchiolitis and secondary bacterial pneumonia. Less commonly, rhinitis and Harderian adenitis were seen. Intranuclear inclusions were also seen in bronchial epithelium of 1 rat, Harderian gland acini of 1 rat and laryngeal glands of 2 rats. Viral particles, averaging 45 nm in diameter… CONTINUE READING


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