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Papers Phase Conjugate Optics and Real-Time Holography

  title={Papers Phase Conjugate Optics and Real-Time Holography},
  author={Amnon Yariv},
Nonlinear optical mixing can be used to perform a variety of new optical functions, as well as real-time holography. The theory and some of the first experiments are described. 


Image phase compensation and real‐time holography by four‐wave mixing in optical fibers
It is proposed that real-time holography can be performed inside multimode fibers (or optical waveguides) using four-wave optical mixing. Of particular interest is the generation of complex-conjugate
Three-dimensional pictorial transmission in optical fibers
Modal phase dispersion limits image transmission in optical fibers to distances too short to be of general interest. A technique based on nonlinear optical mixing is described for modal phase
Conjugate wave-front generation and image reconstruction by four-wave mixing (A)
Operation of a new nonlinear backward‐wave optical device which produces the conjugate of an arbitrary incident wave front is demonstrated. Good‐quality reconstructed images are obtained through a
Amplified reflection, phase conjugation, and oscillation in degenerate four-wave mixing.
A number of new optical effects that result from degenerate four-wave mixing in transparent optical media are proposed and analyzed. The applications are relevant to time-reversed (phase-conjugated)
Observation of the time‐reversed replica of a monochromatic optical wave
We have generated, essentially instantaneously, a time‐reversed (TR) replica (phase conjugate) of a monochromatic optical wave (at 6943 A). Replication occurred through an interaction with a standing
Spatial convolution and correlation of optical fields via degenerate four-wave mixing.
A nonlinear optical technique is described that performs the functions of spatial correlation and convolution of spatially encoded waves by mixing spatially dependent optical fields in the Fourier-transform plane of a lens system using a degenerate four-wave mixing scheme.
Degenerate four-wave mixing in absorbing media.
Degenerate four-wave mixing in a two-level absorbing (or amplifying) system is treated, leading to a quantitative description of amplified reflection, oscillation, and phase conjugation.
Birefringence of certain crystals sufficiently large to allow collinear backward wave interaction of three electromagnetic waves with signal frequency tunable over large portion of IR SPECTRUM
Observation of amplified reflection by degenerate four-wave mixing in atomic sodium vapor.
This Letter is the first report of the observation of amplified reflection and self-oscillation produced by degenerate optical four-wave mixing by using a resonantly enhanced Kerr nonlinearity in
Wavefront reproduction in stimulated Raman scattering
Wavefront reproduction or reversal, observed earlier experimentally and interpreted for stimulated Brillouin scattering, is considered now in the case of stimulated Raman scattering, i.e., for the