Paper Chromatography of Pyrethrins and their Derivatives

  title={Paper Chromatography of Pyrethrins and their Derivatives},
  author={J. Rodney Quayle},
VARIOUS methods have been described for the chromatographic separation of pyrethrin-type compounds. Alumina, silica and kieselguhr have been used as adsorbents for separation of ‘pyrethrin I’ from ‘pyrethrin II’1–3. A separation of cinerin I from ‘pyrethrin I’, and ‘cinerin II’ from ‘pyrethrin II’, has almost certainly been achieved by Ward2, using displacement chromatography on alumina. The ‘pyrethrins’ have also been separated by paper chromatography using alumina-impregnated paper1 and… 
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Pyrethrin and Gallotannin in the Flowers of Peony

FROM a light petroleum extract of dried petals of peony (Peonia albiflora Pall.) an oily substance (74.08 per cent C, 9.94 per cent H) was isolated by means of nitromethane extraction. It comprises

Chemistry of the natural pyrethrins.

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The flowers of the herbaceous perennial Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium Vis, a member of the Compositae family, are valued for their insecticidal properties: the history of their employment has been discussed by Gnadinger and to-day the principal world source is Kenya where a rationally administered industry provides standardised products.

Chromatographische Verfahren A. Papierchromatographie

Im Jahre 1944 gelang drei englischen Forschern (R. Consden u. Mitarb.) die Schaffung einer genialen Ultramikromethode, welche wie wenige vorher bestimmt sein sollte, ganz neue Moglichkeiten auf dem



Chromatographic separation of the pyrethrins

‘Pyrethrins’ I and II have been separated on both alumina and silica columns. On alumina columns there is some evidence of the separation of the cinerins from the pyrethrins. Material

Mode of insecticidal action studied with labelled systems; phosphorylated compounds in the muscle of the adult housefly, Musca domestica, L.

Disturbances in the distribution of phosphorylated intermediates in insect muscle have been studied by a combined radioactive tracer-paper chromato- graphy technique.

Absorption and metabolism of [14C] pyrethroids by the adult housefly, Musca domestica L., in vivo.

It is suggested that the previously reported oxidation of IPA and IBA by plant extracts may have been due to the presence of peroxidase and Mn2+ in the extracts.

Chromatographic Isolation and Estimation of the Natural Œstrogens from Tissue

THE separate isolation and estimation of the three œstrogens in tissue at present entails the use of a large amount of material, with a separation by partition in solvents which is by no means

Chromatography of steroids and sterols.

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