Pantoea vagans sp. nov., Pantoea eucalypti sp. nov., Pantoea deleyi sp. nov. and Pantoea anthophila sp. nov.

  title={Pantoea vagans sp. nov., Pantoea eucalypti sp. nov., Pantoea deleyi sp. nov. and Pantoea anthophila sp. nov.},
  author={Carrie. Brady and S. Venter and I. Cleenwerck and K. Engelbeen and M. Vancanneyt and J. Swings and T. Coutinho},
  journal={International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology},
  volume={59 Pt 9},
  • Carrie. Brady, S. Venter, +4 authors T. Coutinho
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology
  • Bacteria isolated from eucalyptus leaves and shoots showing symptoms of blight and die-back collected in Uganda, Uruguay and Argentina and from maize displaying brown stalk rot symptoms in South Africa were tentatively placed in the genus Pantoea on the basis of phenotypic and biochemical tests. These isolates, together with two strains (LMG 2558 and LMG 2560) previously assigned to Pantoea agglomerans based on protein electrophoregrams but later excluded from this species, were further… CONTINUE READING
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    Pantoea rodasii sp. nov., Pantoea rwandensis sp. nov. and Pantoea wallisii sp. nov., isolated from Eucalyptus.
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    Pantoea allii sp. nov., isolated from onion plants and seed.
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    Pantoea gaviniae sp. nov. and Pantoea calida sp. nov., isolated from infant formula and an infant formula production environment.
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    Pantoea beijingensis sp. nov., isolated from the fruiting body of Pleurotus eryngii
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    Pantoea theicola sp. nov., isolated from black tea.
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    Izhakiella capsodis gen. nov., sp. nov., in the family Enterobacteriaceae, isolated from the mirid bug Capsodes infuscatus.
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    Erwinia gerundensis sp. nov., a cosmopolitan epiphyte originally isolated from pome fruit trees.
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    Pantoea hericii sp. nov., Isolated from the Fruiting Bodies of Hericium erinaceus
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    Pantoea punctata sp. nov., Pantoea citrea sp. nov., and Pantoea terrea sp. nov. isolated from fruit and soil samples.
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    Enterobacter turicensis sp. nov. and Enterobacter helveticus sp. nov., isolated from fruit powder.
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    Subjective Synonymy of Erwinia herbicola, Erwinia milletiae, and Enterobacter agglomerans and Redefinition of the Taxon by Genotypic and Phenotypic Data
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    Classification of Alcaligenes faecalis-like isolates from the environment and human clinical samples as Ralstonia gilardii sp. nov.
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    Numerical taxonomy of Erwinia species using API systems
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    Isolation and Identification of the Causal Agent of Brown Stalk Rot, A New Disease of Maize in South Africa.
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