author={Daniel A. Dombrowski},
  journal={The Wordsworth Circle},
  pages={38 - 45}
  • D. Dombrowski
  • Published 1 January 1988
  • Philosophy
  • The Wordsworth Circle
Panpsychism has received much attention in the philosophy of mind in re- cent years. So-called constitutive Russellian panpsychism, in particular, is considered by many the most promising panpsychist approach to the hard problem of consciousness. In this paper, however, I develop a new chal- lenge to this approach. I argue that the three elements of constitutive Russellian panpsychism—that is, the constitutive element, the Russellian element and the panpsychist element—jointly entail a… 


Some philosophers of mind have argued for considering consciousness as a further fundamental feature of reality in addition to its physical properties. Hence most of them are property dualists. But

Panpsychism in Bergson and James

The aim of this article is to show that Bergson and James defend a form of panpsychism, and that on this point, Bergson probably had an influence on James. Panpsychism is “the view that mentality is

Panpsychism as personal experience: Resolving a paradox

The thesis of panpsychism is that throughout the natural universe there is mentality, althouJh I prefer the term "mind". We human beings experience this mentality in everyday consciousness and by

Panpsychism, aggregation and combinatorial infusion

Deferential Monadic Panpsychism (DMP) is a view that accepts that physical science is capable of discovering the basic structure of reality. However, it denies that reality is fully and exhaustively

Panpsychism: Prospects for the Mentality of Matter

Physicalism has a problem: experience must derive from wholly physical things, but how can physical matter produce experience? An answer to this question may require a drastic change in the

Towards a scientifically tenable description of objective idealism

The tremendous advances of research into artificial intelligence as well as neuroscience made the two to three have given further support to a renewed interest into philosophical discussions of the

Panexperientialism, Cognition, and the Nature of Experience

This paper explores the plausibility of panexperientialism by an examination of Gregg Rosenberg's development of the view in A Place for Consciousness. By focusing on experience rather than

Is the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness Compatible with Russellian Panpsychism?

The Integrated Information Theory (IIT) is a leading scientific theory of consciousness, which implies a kind of panpsychism. In this paper, I consider whether IIT is compatible with a particular

Idealism and the Mind-Body Problem

When I was in graduate school, I recall hearing “One starts as a materialist, then one becomes a dualist, then a panpsychist, and one ends up as an idealist”.1 I don’t know where this comes from, but

Aspects in Dual-Aspect Monism and Panpsychism: A Rejoinder to Benovsky

Neutral monism aims at solving the hard problem of consciousness by positing entities that are neither mental nor physical. Benovsky has recently argued for the slightly different account that,



The Principles of Psychology

I.TO give readers some idea of the contents of a good book is very often the most useful thing a reviewer can do. Unfortunately that course is not open to us in the present instance. The subject is

The Presocratic Philosophers

cannot be neither nor nonfor every value of . Aristotle, it need hardly be said, was well aware of this (cf., e.g., GC 329a10). But if the ‘unlimited’ was not entirely characterless, what was its

Is consciousness a brain process?

The thesis that consciousness is a process in the brain is put forward as a reasonable scientific hypothesis, and it is suggested that the authors can identify consciousness with a given pattern of brain activity, if they can explain the subject's introspective observations by reference to the brain processes with which they are correlated.

Eliminative materialism and the propositional attitudes

Staying within an objectual interpretation of the quantifiers, perhaps the simplest way to make systematic sense of expressions like ' x believes that P ' and closed sentences formed therefrom is

Emergent Evolution.

IT is curious that while the concepts of physics have been undergoing drastic revision, the same has not happened with regard to biology. It is true, Dr. E. S. Russell has recently examined very

The Analysis of Matter

One of the earliest and best philosophical studies of the new physics of relativity and quantum mechanics, The Analysis of Matter was a companion volume to the The Analysis of Mind , which had

THE SELF AND ITS BRAIN: An Argument for Interactionism

O contexto científico atual vem sendo, frequentemente, marcado pela especialização e compartimentalização excessivas. É por isso, cada vez mais difícil o aparecimento de obras que se dediquem a

Origin of Species

IN Darwin's great work on this subject he claims that Dean Herbert, in 1822 and 1837, held that “single species of each genus were created in an originally highly plastic condition, and that these

Mind and its place in nature