Panning transfected cells for electrophysiological studies.

  title={Panning transfected cells for electrophysiological studies.},
  author={Robert F Margolskee and Barbara McHendry-Rinde and Richard Horn},
  volume={15 5},
Panning was used to select co-transfected cells expressing plasmid-encoded ion channels. Adherent cells were cotransfected by the CaPO4 method with a plasmid encoding a cell surface marker (CD8) along with another plasmid encoding an ion channel. At 1-3 days post-transfection, the cells were suspended, treated with a biotinylated CD8-specific antibody and placed into streptavidin-coated bacterial petri dishes. After 2 h, these dishes were washed with a saline solution to remove cells that did… CONTINUE READING