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Pannaria lurida in Atlantic Canada

  title={Pannaria lurida in Atlantic Canada},
  author={W.S.G. Maass and B. Hoisington and H. Harries},
  • W.S.G. Maass, B. Hoisington, H. Harries
  • Published 1986
  • Geography
  • Apart from several unconfirmed reports of Pannaria lurida (Mont.) Nyl. in Quebec (Lepage, 1947, 1958; to be discussed below) and a very doubtful o ne from Newfoundland or labrador (Eckfeldt 1895, as Physma luridum Mont.), noth ing is known about the occurrence of this interesting but often overlooked species in Ca nada. Pannaria lurida belongs to the P. rubiginosa group (J0rgensen 1978) and is distinguished from the most closely related species, P. rubiginosa (Ach.) Bory, by its larger… CONTINUE READING
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