Panic disorder

  title={Panic disorder},
  author={P. Roy-Byrne and M. Craske and M. Stein},
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Comparative efficacy and acceptability of antidepressants and benzodiazepines for the treatment of panic disorder: A systematic review and network meta-analysis.
Escitalopram and venlafaxine as well as benzodiazepines may be effective choices as treatments for PD with relatively good acceptability, which still needs to be confirmed by high-quality RCTs. Expand
Facial emotion recognition in panic disorder: a mini-review of behavioural studies.
The results of this survey confirm that deficits in processing facially conveyed negative emotions should be considered a core impairment in PD, and future larger and more homogenous studies are warranted to better highlight the connection between emotion recognition and PD. Expand
Prevalence of mood, panic and eating disorders in obese patients referred to bariatric surgery: patterns of comorbidity and relationship with body mass index
The lifetime prevalence of mood, eating and panic disorders in a large sample of obese patients referred to bariatric surgery and the patterns of psychiatric comorbidity and their relationship with Body Mass Index were investigated. Expand
Acupuntura en la ansiedad paroxística episódica: efectos en un estudio de caso
Resumen Introduccion La ansiedad paroxistica episodica es una enfermedad caracterizada por la aparicion repentina e inesperada de ataques de ansiedad aguda, que consisten en una sensacion de miedo oExpand
Deep learning paired with wearable passive sensing data predicts deterioration in anxiety disorder symptoms across 17-18 years.
Passive wearable actigraphy data could be utilized to predict long-term deterioration of anxiety disorder symptoms, and out-of-sample cross-validated results suggested that wearable movement data could significantly predict which individuals would experience symptom deterioration. Expand
Early sexual trauma is related with the tapetum in patients with panic disorder.
The findings of this study suggest that the right tapetum may serve as a potential neural marker of early sexual trauma in patients with PD and contribute to personal vulnerability and poorer treatment outcome after pharmacotherapy. Expand
Identifying and Managing Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care
Anxiety disorders are among the most common psychiatric diagnoses and present in patients as excessive fear and worry, and evidence-based treatment options are available in both primary care and specialty clinic settings. Expand
Serotonergic Effects on Interoception
There is evidence that acute serotonin changes can alter metacognitive insight into the reliability of inferences based on interoceptive information, which is a foundation for considering effects of serotonin on cognition and emotion in terms of effective top-down regulation of interoception influence on mental states. Expand
The Plastic Adaptation to Pathology in Psychiatry Are Patients with Psychiatric Disorders Pathological Experts?
170 words) Psychiatric disorders share the same pattern of longitudinal evolution and have courses that tend to be chronic and recurrent. These aspects of chronicity and longitudinal evolution ofExpand
Unconscious cognitive dysfunction in emotion dysregulation and psychopathology of panic disorder: evidence from the late positive potential.
Panic disorder (PD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by unexpected recurring severe panic attacks accompanied by somatic and psychological symptoms [1]. According to the dominantExpand