Pangelin, an antimycobacterial coumarin from Ducrosia anethifolia.

  title={Pangelin, an antimycobacterial coumarin from Ducrosia anethifolia.},
  author={Michael Stavri and K. T. Mathew and Franz Bucar and Simon Gibbons},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={69 10},
The aerial parts of Ducrosia anethifolia afforded the monoterpene glucoside 8-debenzoylpaeoniflorin ( 1) and the prenylated furanocoumarin pangelin [5-[2"( R)-hydroxy-3"-methyl-3"-butenyloxy]furocoumarin] ( 2). Their structures were determined by extensive 1- and 2-dimensional NMR studies. Compound 2 demonstrated activity against a panel of fast growing mycobacteria, namely Mycobacterium fortuitum, M. aurum, M. phlei and M. smegmatis and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values ranged from… CONTINUE READING

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