Panel: Highways and Jukeboxes: A Revolution for Data Structures?

  title={Panel: Highways and Jukeboxes: A Revolution for Data Structures?},
  author={Witold Litwin and Tomasz Imielinski and David B. Lomet and Marie-Anne Neimat},
developed from the Workshop have not only been benefiting UNU/INTECH research work, but also contributing to many other initiatives in the area of innovation policy for information technology in developing countries. There are six papers in the special series. The first five papers have been widely circulated and are provided here in the latest modified versions. These are outcomes from the two major themes set for the Workshop: 'The Developments of Access and Effective Use of Information… 


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A Manifesto Concerning the Legal Protection of Computer Programs: Why Existing Laws Fail To Provide Adequate Protection
Character, they would likely be regarded as unprotectable by copyright law, and are likely to be considered as industrial compilations of Applied Know-How.