Pandemic-type failures in multivariate Brownian risk models

  title={Pandemic-type failures in multivariate Brownian risk models},
  author={Krzysztof Dȩbicki and Enkelejd Hashorva and Nikolai Kriukov},
  pages={1 - 23}
Modelling of multiple simultaneous failures in insurance, finance and other areas of applied probability is important especially from the point of view of pandemic-type events. A benchmark limiting model for the analysis of multiple failures is the classical d -dimensional Brownian risk model (Brm), see Delsing et al. (Methodol. Comput. Appl. Probab. 22 (3), 927–948 2020 ). From both theoretical and practical point of view, of interest is the calculation of the probability of multiple… 

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The structure of the asymptotics of P(u) is determined by the signs of the drifts $c_i$'s, a relevant multi-dimensional regenerative model and the corresponding ruin probability are derived.

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Let Z(t) = (Z1(t), . . . , Zd(t)) ⊤, t ∈ R where Zi(t), t ∈ R, i = 1, ..., d are mutually independent centered Gaussian processes with continuous sample paths a.s. and stationary increments. For X(t)



On the cumulative Parisian ruin of multi-dimensional Brownian motion risk models

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For a given centered Gaussian process with stationary increments X(t), t ≥ 0 and c > 0, let Wγ(t) = X(t)− ct− γ inf 0≤s≤t (X(s)− cs) , t ≥ 0 denote the γ-reflected process, where γ ∈ (0, 1). This