Pancreatoblastoma in an adult: Case report and review of the literature

  title={Pancreatoblastoma in an adult: Case report and review of the literature},
  author={Supriya Rajpal and Robert S. Warren and Michael J. Alexander and Benjamin M Yeh and James P. Grenert and Sophie Hintzen and Britt-marie Ljung and Emily Bergsland},
  journal={Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery},
A 50-year-old man presented with progressive gastrointestinal symptoms. An abdominal computed tomography scan demonstrated a 12 × 12-cm pancreatic mass involving the greater curvature of the stomach and multiple hypervascular hepatic metastases. An initial fine needle aspiration of the pancreatic mass was nondiagnostic, and a subsequent fine needle aspiration of a liver mass was read as metastatic acinar cell carcinoma. The patient underwent a palliative resection for tumor-associated pain and… CONTINUE READING


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