Pancreatitis associated with bone marrow transplantation in children.

  title={Pancreatitis associated with bone marrow transplantation in children.},
  author={Steven L. Werlin and James Casper and Dean L. Antonson and Cheryl Calabro},
  journal={Bone marrow transplantation},
  volume={10 1},
Vomiting, abdominal pain and distension, common findings in children who receive bone marrow transplants (BMT), are usually attributed to chemo-irradiation and mucositis, universally found in these patients. We report seven children, 3.5% of BMT patients at our institutions, with these symptoms who were found to have mild to severe pancreatitis during conditioning for or after receiving BMT. All patients were receiving drugs known to cause pancreatitis, such as adrenocorticosteroids and… CONTINUE READING


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