Pancreatitis and pancreatic dysfunction in patients taking dideoxyinosine.

  title={Pancreatitis and pancreatic dysfunction in patients taking dideoxyinosine.},
  author={Mindell Seidlin and J. Si{\^a}n Lambert and Raphael Dolin and Fred T. Valentine},
  volume={6 8},
OBJECTIVE To describe the incidence, clinical characteristics and dose relationship of dideoxyinosine (ddI)-associated pancreatitis. DESIGN Patients enrolled in a Phase I dose escalation trial of ddI [AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) 064] were evaluated for signs and symptoms of pancreatic dysfunction. SETTING Two ACTG sites. PATIENTS Forty-four patients with AIDS or AIDS-related complex (ARC) and a CD4 cell count less than or equal to 400 x 10(6)/l. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Seven… CONTINUE READING
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