Pancreatic trauma in a defined population.

  title={Pancreatic trauma in a defined population.},
  author={Erik Nilsson and S Norrby and Stefan Skullman and Rune I. Sj{\"o}dahl},
  journal={Acta chirurgica Scandinavica},
In a 20-year period, 378 of a 390,000 population were laparotomized following abdominal trauma, and pancreatic injury was found in 27. Together with two nonsurgically treated patients, these gave an average annual incidence of 0.4 cases of pancreatic trauma/100,000 population. Ten of the injuries occurred in the first and 19 in the second decade of the study. The cause was traffic accident in 18 cases and penetrating wound in only two. The patients' median age was 17 years, and 23/29 were males… CONTINUE READING