Pancreatic transcription factors and their role in the birth, life and survival of the pancreatic β cell

  title={Pancreatic transcription factors and their role in the birth, life and survival of the pancreatic β cell},
  author={A. S. Bernardo and C. Hay and K. Docherty},
  journal={Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology},
  • A. S. Bernardo, C. Hay, K. Docherty
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology
  • In recent years major progress has been made in understanding the role of transcription factors in the development of the endocrine pancreas in the mouse. Here we describe how a number of these transcription factors play a role in maintaining the differentiated phenotype of the beta cell, and in the mechanisms that allow the beta cell to adapt to changing metabolic demands that occur throughout life. Amongst these factors, Pdx1 plays a critical role in defining the region of the primitive gut… CONTINUE READING
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    The Transcription Factor Myt3 Acts as a Pro-Survival Factor in β-cells
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    Isx9 Regulates Calbindin D28K Expression in Pancreatic β Cells and Promotes β Cell Survival and Function
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    A whole organism small molecule screen identifies novel regulators of pancreatic endocrine development
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    Transcription factor ZBED6 affects gene expression, proliferation, and cell death in pancreatic beta cells
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    Pdx1 and other factors that regulate pancreatic β‐cell survival
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    The Temporal and Hierarchical Control of Transcription Factors-Induced Liver to Pancreas Transdifferentiation
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    Foxa2 and Pdx1 cooperatively regulate postnatal maturation of pancreatic β-cells
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    Minireview: transcriptional regulation in pancreatic development.
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    A switch from MafB to MafA expression accompanies differentiation to pancreatic beta-cells.
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    MafB is required for islet β cell maturation
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    Sox9 coordinates a transcriptional network in pancreatic progenitor cells
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    The FoxM1 Transcription Factor Is Required to Maintain Pancreatic β-Cell Mass
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    neurogenin3 is required for the development of the four endocrine cell lineages of the pancreas.
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    Regulation of the pancreatic pro-endocrine gene neurogenin3.
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