Pancreatic islets under attack: cellular and molecular effectors.

  title={Pancreatic islets under attack: cellular and molecular effectors.},
  author={Michal Pearl-Yafe and Ayelet Kaminitz and Esma S. Yolcu and Isaac Yaniv and Jerry Stein and Nadir Askenasy},
  journal={Current pharmaceutical design},
  volume={13 7},
Abundant information is available on the involvement of various cellular and molecular mechanisms in beta cell apoptosis. The experimental evidence is controversial and difficult to reconcile, and the mechanisms of evasion of the autoreactive clones from immune surveillance are poorly understood. Multiple apoptotic pathways play a role in destructive insulitis, including perforin/granzyme, Fas/Fas-ligand (FasL), and other members of the necrosis factor superfamily. These pathways present… CONTINUE READING
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