Pancreatic islet function in ω3 fatty acid-depleted rats

  title={Pancreatic islet function in ω3 fatty acid-depleted rats},
  author={Berrin Oguzhan and Ying Zhang and Karim Louchami and Philippe Courtois and Laurence Portois and Jean-Michel Chardigny and Willy Jean Malaisse and Yvon A. Carpentier and Abdullah Sener},
In order to gain information on the determinism of the perturbation of fuel homeostasis in situations characterized by a depletion in long-chain polyunsaturated ω3 fatty acids (ω3), the metabolic and hormonal status of ω3-depleted rats (second generation) was examined. When required, these rats were injected intravenously 120 min before sacrifice with a… CONTINUE READING