Pancreatic diseases in children.


INDIAN PEDIATRICS 848 VOLUME 42__AUGUST 17, 2005 The brief report of Das, et al.(1) gives an impression of non-existence of published work on pancreatic disorders from India. The authors have missed inclusion of two recently published series of childhood pancreatic disorders from India(2,3). One study is that of ERCP in 16 cases of pancreatic disorders in children (Poddar, et al.) and the other on management of 15 cases (Yachha, et al.). It is not clear from the study as to how cases of acute pancreatitis were diagnosed. Authors have mentioned that pancreatic disorders were suspected whenever there was abdominal pain associated with raised serum lipase or amylase or/and suggestive imaging studies. Conditions like appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, intestinal ischemia or perforation, cholecystitis, etc., other than pancreatitis can give rise to 2 to 3 folds elevation of serum amylase. By definition acute pancreatitis is diagnosed when there is upper abdominal pain associated with at-least three times elevation of pancreatic enzymes(4). What were the cut-off levels taken by authors? What criteria were used to diagnose acute pancreatitis in-patients having normal serum amylase (7/28 cases) as shown in Table II? Even imaging studies like USG and CT scan were normal in 4 of 24 cases and 6 of 22 cases respectively, where they were used.


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