Pancreatic cancer risk and levels of trace elements.

  title={Pancreatic cancer risk and levels of trace elements.},
  author={Andr{\'e} F. S. Amaral and Miquel Porta and Debra T. Silverman and Roger L Milne and Manolis Kogevinas and Nathaniel Rothman and Kenneth P. Cantor and Brian P. Jackson and Jos{\'e} A. Pumarega and Tom{\'a}s L{\'o}pez and Alfredo Carrato and Luisa Guarner and Francisco X Real and N{\'u}ria Malats},
  volume={61 11},
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Knowledge on the aetiology of exocrine pancreatic cancer (EPC) is scant. The best established risk factor for EPC is tobacco smoking. Among other carcinogens, tobacco contains cadmium, a metal previously associated with an increased risk of EPC. This study evaluated the association between concentrations of trace elements in toenails and EPC risk. METHODS The study included 118 EPC cases and 399 hospital controls from eastern Spain. Levels of 12 trace elements were… CONTINUE READING

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