Pancreatic and gastrointestinal hormones in chronic pancreatitis.

  title={Pancreatic and gastrointestinal hormones in chronic pancreatitis.},
  author={Harvey Besterman and Thomas Edward Adrian and Steven R. Bloom and Nicholas D Christofides and Christine Mallinson and V. Ponti and Lucio Lombardo and Robert Modigliani and Sylvie Gu{\'e}rin and Michael South},
  volume={24 3},
Pancreatic and gut hormones have been measured in 39 patients with chronic pancreatitis, 16 of whom had severe pancreatic insufficiency. Patients with pancreatic insufficiency had significantly diminished fasting levels and postprandial rises of pancreatic polypeptide which were less than 20% of normal. Patients with chronic pancreatitis, with or without exocrine insufficiency, had two- to threefold higher plasma levels of motilin and enteroglucagon than controls. Plasma levels of insulin… CONTINUE READING

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