Pancreas function index: an early monitor of allograft rejection.

  title={Pancreas function index: an early monitor of allograft rejection.},
  author={Tianling L. Zheng and Th. Schang and P Soon-Shiong and N Merideth and Robert P. Lanza and David E. Sutherland},
  journal={The Journal of surgical research},
  volume={50 1},
The lack of reliable markers for the early diagnosis of allograft rejection is a major obstacle preventing improved results in clinical pancreas transplantation. Using a vascularized whole-pancreas transplant model in the rat, with exocrine ductal drainage into the lower urinary tract, we explored the possibility that a change in an index of pancreatic function (IPF), viz., urine volume, urine pH, and urine amylase (UA) in composite, may provide an earlier and more specific indicator of… CONTINUE READING