Pancreas Transplants Venous Graft Thrombosis: Endovascular Thrombolysis for Graft Rescue


To retrospectively assess the efficacy and safety of percutaneous endovascular treatment in patients with pancreas venous graft thrombosis (PVGT). Between 2001 and 2009, 206 pancreas transplants were performed at our institution. A retrospective review of pancreas graft recipients who underwent endovascular therapy for PVGT was performed. The study group included 17 patients (10 men, 7 women; mean age 38 years) with PVGT (<60 % [9 patients]; 30–60 % [8 patients]) 6.6 ± 5.7 days after grafting. The angiographic studies, type of endovascular procedure, endovascular procedural and postprocedural effectiveness, and patient and graft outcomes were assessed. In 16 of 17 cases (94 %), significant (87.5 %) or partial (12.5 %) lysis of thrombi was achieved. One patient had external compression of the portal vein due to a hematoma, which hindered mechanical removal of the thrombi. This patient required graft pancreatectomy for extensive areas of parenchymal necrosis 2 days after the endovascular procedure. No complications related to endovascular treatment were observed. Postprocedural bleeding episodes related to anticoagulation were observed in five patients. Patient and pancreas graft survival rates at 12 months were 94 and 76 %, respectively. Catheter-directed thrombectomy is an effective treatment for patients with PVGT. Percutaneous thrombectomy, followed by anticoagulation, appears to be an effective therapy to remove the thrombus and is associated with a low complication rate.

DOI: 10.1007/s00270-013-0799-4

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