Pancam multispectral imaging results from the Opportunity Rover at Meridiani Planum.

  title={Pancam multispectral imaging results from the Opportunity Rover at Meridiani Planum.},
  author={Jim F. Bell and Steve Squyres and Raymond E. Arvidson and Heather M. Arneson and Deborah A Bass and Wendy Calvin and William H. Farrand and W. G{\"o}tz and Matthew P. Golombek and Ronald Greeley and John P. Grotzinger and Edward A. Guinness and Alexander G. Hayes and M. Y. H. Hubbard and Kenneth E Herkenhoff and Margaret J. Johnson and J. Robert Johnson and Jonathan A Joseph and Kjartan M Kinch and Mark T. Lemmon and Richard Li and Morten Bo Madsen and Justin N. Maki and Michael C. Malin and Elaina McCartney and S M McLennan and H Y McSween and Douglas W. Ming and Richard V. Morris and Eldar Noe Dobrea and Teresa Parker and J Proton and James W. Rice and Frank P. Seelos and Jason M. Soderblom and Laurence A. Soderblom and J. N. Sohl-Dickstein and Robert J Sullivan and Catherine M. Weitz and Michael J. Wolff},
  volume={306 5702},
Panoramic Camera (Pancam) images from Meridiani Planum reveal a low-albedo, generally flat, and relatively rock-free surface. Within and around impact craters and fractures, laminated outcrop rocks with higher albedo are observed. Fine-grained materials include dark sand, bright ferric iron-rich dust, angular rock clasts, and millimeter-size spheroidal granules that are eroding out of the laminated rocks. Spectra of sand, clasts, and one dark plains rock are consistent with mafic silicates such… CONTINUE READING
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