Pan-Africanism as a laughing matter: (Funny) expressions of African identity on Twitter

  title={Pan-Africanism as a laughing matter: (Funny) expressions of African identity on Twitter},
  author={David Cheruiyot and Charu Uppal},
  journal={Journal of African Media Studies},
Pan-Africanism, a concept that attempts to capture the essence of being an African, needs to be reconsidered in the age of social media. In this article, we examine how Twitter users negotiate the ... 

A “Hotbed” of Digital Empowerment? : Media Criticism in Kenya Between Playful Engagement and Co-Option

Much has been written about the production and textual features of international media portrayals of Africa, but very little about how audiences on the continent perceive such coverage. This study ...

Tweeter-in-chief: Rwandan president Paul Kagame’s use of Twitter

Rwanda has received international praise for its rapid development and is said to be undergoing a ‘technology revolution’ at the hands of President Paul Kagame who has been described as a ‘Digital

Laughing off Ebola in Sierra Leone: Humor in Times of Crisis

ABSTRACT The West African Ebola epidemic of 2013 to 2016 resulted in a long-term state of emergency and dramatic changes to everyday life. Despite it being a challenging period, humor was still part

New media and processes of social change in contemporary Africa

Within the last two decades, many Africans, like most people around the world, have experienced dramatic changes in their access to and use of new information and communication technologies (ICT),