Pamphagidae (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) from the Palaearctic Region: taxonomy, classification, keys to genera and a review of the tribe Nocarodeini I.Bolívar.

  title={Pamphagidae (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) from the Palaearctic Region: taxonomy, classification, keys to genera and a review of the tribe Nocarodeini I.Bol{\'i}var.},
  author={Mustafa {\"U}mit {\"U}nal},
  volume={4206 1},
  • M. Ünal
  • Published 13 December 2016
  • Biology
  • Zootaxa
The very rich material of Palaearctic Pamphagidae preserved in the collections including the type specimens of all taxa, the historical unidentified specimens and newly collected material have been studied. 58 genera and 295 species and subspecies are listed. The higher classification of the family is reviewed mainly based on the male phallic complex as well as the traditional and some new external characters. The tribe Haplotropiidini is transferred to the subfamily Thrinchinae. Previously… 
A new species and key to all known species of the genus Filchnerella Karny, 1908 from China (Orthoptera: Acridoidea, Pamphagidae).
The new species i.e. Filchnerella wuhaiensis sp. nov is described from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. The new species is similar to Filchnerella helanshanensis Zheng, 1992, but differs from
Karyotypes diversity in some Iranian Pamphagidae grasshoppers (Orthoptera, Acridoidea, Pamphagidae): new insights on the evolution of the neo-XY sex chromosomes
It is hypothesized that the origin and early phase of evolution of the neo-Xneo-Y♂ sex chromosome in the subfamily Pamphaginae, are linked to the Iranian highlands.
New distribution records of Orthoptera of Greece
The presence of Mogoplistesbrunneus Serville, 1838 at the Aegean Sea is confirmed and sound production in that species is discussed for the first time.
Orthoptera Fauna of Aksaray and Konya Province in Middle Anatolia of Turkey
In this study, the specimens which were reported previous studies and collected by author belonging to families Tettigonidae, Gryllidae, Trigonidiidae , Gryllotalpidae, Rhaphdophoridae,
Origin and Evolution of the Neo-Sex Chromosomes in Pamphagidae Grasshoppers through Chromosome Fusion and Following Heteromorphization
Details of the heteromorphization of the neo-sex chromosomes in species from both phylogenetic lineages of Pamphagidae grasshoppers are revealed and the hypothetical mechanism of the Neo-Y degradation was suggested.
Comparative analysis of C-heterochromatin, ribosomal and telomeric DNA markers in chromosomes of Pamphagidae grasshoppers from Morocco
Differences in the karyotypes of 10 species of the family Pamphagidae from Morocco revealed differences in the location and size of C-heterochromatin blocks and ribosomal DNA clusters, showing that karyotype divergences in this group is connected to structural chromosome rearrangements, but to the evolution of repetitive DNA.
A Comparative Study on Temperature and Relative Humidity Data of Three Caves in Different Climatic Regions of Turkey, with Notes on the Distribution of Anatolian Cave Crickets (Insecta, Orthoptera, Rhaphidophoridae)
The diversity of cave crickets (Orthoptera, Rhaphidophoridae) remarkably differs between geographic regions in Anatolia. While only 4 species are distributed in northern Anatolia where Black Sea


Pamphagidae (Orthoptera: Caelifera) of North Africa: key to genera and the annotated check-list of species.
The author proposes a new key to genera and reports the annotated list of all the known species of Pamphagidae, based on specimens examined in different European museums, and establishes that Acinipe calabra of Italy is the same taxon living in North Africa.
An update list of Pamphagidae Brumster 1840 (Insecta: Orthoptera) of Iran with a key to the genera
A list of Pamphagidae species recorded for Iran is provided and a key to genera is provided which identifies 10 genera with 33 winged species in Trinchini, and 11 generA with a total of 70 wingless species.
Catalogue of the type specimens deposited in the Department of Entomology, National Museum, Prague, Czech Republic. Polyneoptera
Type specimens from the collection of the polyneopteran insect orders (Dermaptera, Blattodea, Orthoptera, Phasmatodea) deposited in the Department of Entomology, National Museum, Prague are
Orthoptera and Mantodea fauna of Kazdağı (Ida) National Park with data on the calling songs of some bush-crickets.
The calling songs of Metrioptera arnoldi, Rhacocleis acutangula, Anadolua schwarzi, Isophya cania, and Poecilimon luschani are described here for the first time.
Bolu ve Düzce illeri Caelifera (Orthoptera) faunası
The Orthoptera fauna of Bolu and Duzce provinces is determined by evaluating the part of collected material since 1997 that belonging to the suborder Caelifera, and the species Euthystira brachyptera with its genus is recorded for the first time herein.
Revision of the genus Prionotropis Fieber, 1853 (Orthoptera: Pamphagidae: Thrinchinae).
The genus Prionotropis Fieber, 1853 is revised, and seven species are listed, namely P. willemsorum n.
New or interesting records of Palearctic Orthoptera (Insecta)
The author reports some interesting Orthoptera from Palearctic region, and establishes the synonymies Eupholidoptera peneri Kaltenbach, 1969 = Uvarovistia rammei Katbeh Bader et Massa, 2001 from Jordan.
A new genus and new species of grasshopper from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China (Orthoptera, Pamphagidae, Pamphaginae).
A new genus and species of Pamphaginae is reported from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China, similar to Haplotropis Saussure, 1888, but differs from the latter in the subgenital plate of male trianglar with apex bifurcate in dorsal view.
The Orthoptera of Şanliurfa province from the Mesopotamian part of Turkey
This survey of the Orthoptera of Şanliurfa (Urfa) province in southeastern Turkey recorded eighty‐six species and subspecies belonging to seven families and fifty genera, including seven species with subspecies endemic to Anatolia and seven species recorded as new for the southeastern Anatolia.
On the short-horned grasshopper (Orthoptera: Caelifera) fauna of northeastern Iran with some information on sweep sampling capture rates
In order to improve the knowledge of the Caelifera species of north eastern Iran, faunistic investigations on grasshoppers of this region were carried out during 2013-2014, and Paranocarodes straubei is newly recorded for the fauna of Iran.