Palytoxin toxicity after acute oral administration in mice.

  title={Palytoxin toxicity after acute oral administration in mice.},
  author={Silvio Sosa and Giorgia Del Favero and Marco De Bortoli and F. Vita and Maria Rosa Soranzo and Dario Beltramo and Michele Ardizzone and Aurelia Tubaro},
  journal={Toxicology letters},
  volume={191 2-3},
The acute oral toxicity of palytoxin (PLTX), a highly toxic compound associated with seafood intoxication in tropical and subtropical areas, was investigated in mice. After gavage administration (300-1697 microg/kg) to groups of five female CD-1 mice, signs of toxicity and lethality were recorded for 24 h. The LD(50) was 767 microg/kg (95% confidence limits: 549-1039 microg/kg) and the main symptoms observed were scratching, jumping, respiratory distress and paralysis. Hematoclinical analyses… CONTINUE READING


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