Palomar Testbed Interferometer

  title={Palomar Testbed Interferometer},
  author={Joseph K. Wallace and Andrew Floyd Boden and M. Mark Colavita and Philip J. Dumont and Yekta Gursel and Braden E. Hines and Christopher D. Koresko and Shrinivas R. Kulkarni and Benjamin F. Lane and Fabien Malbet and Dean L. Palmer and Xiaopei Pan and Michael Shao and Gautam Vasisht and Gerard T. van Belle and Jeffrey W. Yu},
  booktitle={Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation},
The Palomar Testbed Interferometer (PTI) is an infrared, phase-tracking interferometer in operation at Palomar Mountain since July 1995. It was funded by NASA for the purpose of developing techniques and methodologies for doing narrowangle astrometry for the purpose of detecting extrasolar planets. The instrument employs active fringe trackingin the infrared (2.0-2.4 rim) to monitor fringe phase. It is a dual-star interferometer it is able to measure fringes on two separate stars simultaneously… CONTINUE READING


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