Palmoplantar pustulosis: a clinical and immunohistological study.

  title={Palmoplantar pustulosis: a clinical and immunohistological study.},
  author={Mats O. G. Eriksson and Eva Hagforsen and Inger Pihl Lundin and Gerd Micha{\"e}lsson},
  journal={The British journal of dermatology},
  volume={138 3},
Pustulosis palmoplantaris (PPP) is a common chronic skin disease, which is very resistant to treatment. It is not known why the lesions are located in the palms and soles. There are few studies of the disease and in particular studies of the histology. Fifty-nine patients with PPP answered a questionnaire concerning their medical history and 39 of them were clinically examined. Biopsy specimens were taken from involved skin in 22 of the 39 patients and studied immunohistologically for tryptase… CONTINUE READING
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